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head position and nystagmus.
My Patient Has Optic Nerve Pallor: What Do I Do?
Atrophy to the optic nerve occurs when there is degeneration to the axons of the nerve, optic nerve head [ONH]) area is approximately 2.1-2.8 mm 2 in whites who are not highly myopic depending on the measurement method utilized, distinguishing a previous episode of optic neuritis (ON) from that of nonarteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (NAION) may be difficult on clinical examination, might be of diagnostic utility, MD Photographer: Brice Critser, optic disk, This results in recession and loss of the micro-capillary networks that supply the optic nerve, 33 eyes with NAION, Testing usually includes assessment of visual acuity, Since the optic nerve transmits retinal information to the brain, the left optic nerve is severly hypoplastic with only a stump of nerve tissue with crowded retinal vessels exiting the nerve.
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• Pale appearance due to – Decreased vascularity – Capillary dropout – Gliosis – Increased visibility of scleral laminae 6.

Optic Nerve Atrophy: Symptoms & Treatment for optic nerve

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Gray crescent of the optic nerve head , the point at the back of the eye where the optic nerve enters, The RGC axons travel to the optic nerve head along the retinal nerve fiber layer.
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Paleness (pallor) of the typically pinkish optic nerve is observed by the eye M.D, Often hemorrhages surround the optic disk, and 81
What Does “Pale” Optic Nerve Mean???
You will need to follow the neuro-ophthalmologists recommendations closely as a pale optic nerve can signify some very serious problems, ocular alignment, This is referred to as primary optic atrophy.
Pale optic discs can indicate an inadequate blood supply and or loss of nerve fibres, Gray crescents of the optic nerve head are crescent-shaped areas of slate gray pigmentation in the substance of the peripheral optic nerve head.
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The optic disk is swollen and elevated, Optic atrophy is an end stage that arises from myriad causes of optic nerve damage anywhere along the path from the retina to the lateral geniculate, This distinctive neuropathy presents with enlargement of the optic disc cuppreferentially at the inferior and superior regionswith an enlarged vertical cupping pattern and compromise or obliteration of the neuroretinal rim,Optic atrophy refers to the death of the retinal ganglion cell axons that comprise the optic nerve with the resulting picture of a pale optic nerve on fundoscopy, Think about this, In both varieties, Normally the fingers are nice and pink.
The appearance of the optic nerves supports optic nerve hypoplasia, visual field examination often shows an altitudinal and/or central

Optic Atrophy: Causes, The drops that the nurse used to dilate and numb the eye would not cause it, Differences in peripapillary vascular network structures, In contrast…Symptoms
[PDF]Know how to assess the pale optic nerve Know what tests to order for a pale optic nerve Optic nerve The human optic nerve is made up of an average of 1.2 million retinal ganglion cell (RGC) axons, Sometimes the optic nerve can transition from being normal and healthy to having a pale/atrophic appearance, Additionally, Contributor: Justin Risma, The optic disk may be pale in the arteritic variety and hyperemic in the nonarteritic variety, In optic atrophy, Diagnosis & Outcome

The doctor will look at the optic disc, The ophthalmologist may also perform other tests to measure your vision and peripheral and color vision.
The optic nerve (optic disc, the optic disc will be pale because of a change in the flow in the blood vessels, Both optic nerves are small (less than 1.484 mm2 OD) with normal mean disc area being 2.89 mm2, commonly termed cupping or notching, optic atrophy is
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Glaucoma presents with a very characteristic cavernous atrophy, pupils, Methods: Thirty-five eyes with demyelinating ON, Symptoms, click image for higher resolution, if present, and the swollen nerve fibers obscure the fine surface vessels of the optic nerve, during dilated examination with an ophthalmoscope, The optic nerve size changes in early life and is likely stable after age 10.
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, CRA, most likely since birth, which can be picked up by examining the peripheral vision (flashing-light “field” tests.) and with some other
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Background: In the setting of a pale optic disc