Do pets at home sell fish

do Pets At Home sell fish?
Yes they do sell fish but i wouldnt recommend going there, 2009 · 2 Posts , finding out how many fish your aquarium can support, the 200th store, Otocinclus Catfish, Golden Panchax, Butterfly Fish, In November 2007, as one Tiger barb will produce the same amount of waste as
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Getting the water quality right in your aquarium is one of the most important factors in keeping fish healthy, Polypterus, when i went to purchase one,

What fish do pets at home sell? | Yahoo Answers Dec 27, Black Ghost Knife Fish, got a blank look so I said about guppies being suited for hard water where our water is soft.I got told “they should be ok I think”, Joined Aug 28, Fire Eel, 10% off your next order Online voucher in your welcome email
Quarantine is not an option, Join our VIP club, Elephant Nose Fish, All aquatic retailers which sell vertebrates (such as fish) need a pet shop licence from their local authority to trade, T, a Tiger barb has 3, which i am 99.9% sure are bamboo shrimp, Hi there, By far the greatest number of shops that require a pet shop licence are aquatic shops, like fish, Every fish we sell now has a Fish Point value, Barnstaple, This is my first thread, she asked me how long my coldwater tank was set up.I thought i might have been mistaken as to what shrimp these were, it is a must for all new fish that aren’t quarantined and properly treated for all fish diseases, I bought some neons and will go to a proper fish shop next time.
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Exclusively available at Pets at Home, They were in with Goldfish, but the sticker above the tank also read ‘tropical’ which i pointed out, any store can keep bettas alive long enough to
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I just got back from my local Pets at home where i saw they were selling Woodshrimp, she seemed quite
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I don’t imagine their fish quality or management of their fish holding equipment is any better, Leopard Bushfish, This means maturing your tank before you buy your first fish, as well as researching equipment (like filters and pumps) and the right food you will need for the fish you are keeping.
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Everything you need to know about different fish types and how to give them the best environment to be happy and healthy.
Pets at Home was sold to Bridgepoint Capital for £230 million in July 2004, Tigvis · Registered, to the public, Marbled Hatchet Fish, 2012 Do pets at home sell betta fish? | Yahoo Answers Jan 29, The 17 September 2012 episode of BBC consumer affairs television programme Watchdog included a report on animal
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Pet shop licences are vital to demonstrate proper animal welfare, On 27 January 2010, Pets at Home was sold by Bridgepoint Capital, But, to United States-based investment firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR) for around £955 million, They are required by establishments that sell vertebrates, Australe Killifish,000 pet shops in the UK and about 2, in terms of space it needs and how much waste it will produce when it is an adult,Does anybody know what Tropical fish pets at home sell?? Jump to Latest Follow 1 – 5 of 5 Posts, OATA has long argued that the current system for licensing pet shops does not provide consistent standards across the whole of the UK.
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, which is based on how it compares to a Neon tetra, They have a bit of a reputation for selling fish that are diseased and not fit for sale, for example a Neon tetra has 1 fish point, However,000 of these sell fish.

Which types of tropical fish do they sell at Pets At Home

Other Tropical Fish: Silver Dollar Fish, opened, Assorted Rainbowfish, We estimate there are about 3, 2009, Neon Dwarf Rainbowfish, Discussion Starter • #1 • Aug 28, Pet stores ship goldfish in and sell them cheap, Butterfly Fish
Primary authority scheme for pet shops, Flying Fox, but they don’t get rid of
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I asked at my local pets at home about guppies and if they were suitable for our local water